I welcome you all to the tutorial section of this blog. Here, we will be exposing ourselves to likely and unlikely matters around the technology world.
Today,we will be talking some causes of internet access problem i.e you not able to access the internet even with you have data bundle. 

This is a general problem for many android users but eminenttechblog is now available to profound solution to it.
N.B: This tutorial is user for android users and probabaly other phone users.

 1. Mobile data limit: While playing around your phone, some set their mobile data to an unknown limit unknowingly to them the effect of what they have done to the internet access. While browsing the internet and this limit is reached,the browsing automatically stop accessing the internet for that day. Advantage of this mobile data limit is that it helps you to save your data. To disactivate it, Simply visit Settings> Mobile Data/Data Usage, check whether you have enabled the limit.

2. Wrong APN: Access point name(APN) is another important tools in enabling you use the internet, but when it is set wrongly or tampered with, internet access now becomes an issue. Most times,the cause for this issue is when you change your sim and the network provider fails to send in their default configuration settings OR when you tamper with the settings and you fail to remember it former settings It is adviceable to use the APN sent by your network provider by calling the customer care of your network provider. Simply visit Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names, then select the APN of course

3. Airplane mode: This mode is meant to be used while boarding an airline for a trip but some mistaken switch it on and forget to switch it off. One thing about this mode is that when it is activated, both data,calls and text will be inactive. Simply visit Settings > More > Airplane mode, then activate or deactivate it.

4. 2G/3G/4G: Some locations doesn’t support 2G, some phones doesn’t support 4G yet but am pretty sure that 3G is pretty okay and convenient to use in most locations. To switch from one network type to the other, visit Settings > More > Mobile Network > Preferred Network type and then select the network type o your choice

If after trying all the list points in trying to solve your imternet access issues and the problem still persist,then manually or automatically reset the factory settings. Watch out in our next tutorial how to exclusively manually or automatically reset the factory settings of your phone.

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